Horizon Dance Competition 2018

SIGNS UP ARE CLOSED - visit ocnightmarket.com/horizon for 2019’s application! Welcome to HORIZON — our 5th annual dance competition organized by OC Night Market to bring together local dance teams! Last year's crews included HBGZ, Kaba Modern and Carson Streetdance. The Horizon 2017 winner was Miniotics. Among the guest judges was Ben Chung of NBC’s World of Dance the Kinjaz. One winning team will take home the $1,000 CASH PRIZE!

HORIZON @ OC Night Market
Saturday, May 19th, 2018
8:00-9:30 PM


Brittnie Aguilar

Brittnie Aguilar was born and raised in Hawaii. She was on Academy of Hype & Hype 5-0 who placed 3rd on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5. For the past 3 years, Brittnie has competed and choreographed for GRV. She is currently teaching workshops internationally and loves to bring the hype and joy of dance wherever she goes.

Jeffrey Liang

Jeffrey Liang is a Los Angeles based choreographer and drag performer who specializes in heels and jazz funk. An alumnus of Team Millennia, NSU Modern and currently on Team Ferosha, he now works on choreographing and dancing for local artists. Through dance, he strives to explore the intersectionalities of sexuality, gender, race, mental health, and oppression with the goals of liberation, equity, and self-love.

Jessie Ma

Jessie Ma started dancing once she saw the movie Honey and wanted to be hot like Jessica Alba. Since then, she's danced on teams like Ascension, 220, The GOOD Project, and currently – Mischief Makers and Culture Shock LA. She is the Content Director at STEEZY.CO, where she helps people all around the world become better dancers through online dance classes, helpful YouTube videos, and educational blog articles. Jessie also teaches, hosts, and conducts panels at dance workshops all around the U.S. And she can't wait to be inspired by everyone on stage tonight!


Carson street dance

Carson Streetdance was established in 1999 from Carson. They are a family based junior dance team emphasizing hard work and dedication. These young adults begin their journey on the team with the admiration of dance and talented choreographers in the community. As a result working with others with the same passion, they discover what they are capable of doing. Through all 17 years, Carson Streetdance has developed amazing alumni who have different lifestyles whether it's growing a family or enhancing their growth in the dance community. Every individual has created unforgettable memories on the team. They have made lifetime friends, through thick and thin, they will always have unconditional love for each other. They are directed by Aila Cataquiz and Ryan Ramelb. This is their first year having their Carson Street Kids join the family.

HBGZ (Honey badgers)

Honey Badgers is an all male dance team representing the Los Angeles area. They are a family that only has one goal in mind: To be the best that they can be at what they do, while having fun and keeping it fresh. Under the direction of Arturo Ochoa, Matthew Thomas, Adrian Ochoa, and Romeo Wang, they are Honey Badgers.

Kaba Modern

Kaba Modern is an urban collegiate dance group established in 1992 by Arnel Calvario. As a proud part of the Filipino-American club Kababayan, at the University of California, Irvine, he founded the group to perform in the modern dance suite of their annual PCN (Pilipino cultural night). The group has since evolved to be one of the most cutting edge Hip Hop dance crews in California. Kaba Modern’s legacy has lived on, first and foremost, as a family of artists, while embracing diverse styles of dance to create a name for themselves in the dance community.


Established in 2014, from Carson, CA, Kindreds consists of 40 dancers around the south bay area. By working through all the challenges and struggles, they create passionate and motivated individuals that chose to inspire the community. As they continue our journey, they shape leaders and innovators to make an impact for the future from the applicable skill sets they learn. "We strive to show you who we are and how hard we fight for what we believe. We are one team, one family always."


KKAP stands for Konnect K-pop Aspiring Performers and was formed in 2011. KKAP is a dance team from UC Irvine comprised of a diverse group of people with varying levels of dance experience who share a mutual love of K-pop and the Korean culture. Through this KKAP-filled performance, we will showcase multiple genres and styles of K-pop to our audience. We hope to see our audience enjoy our performance as much as we enjoy performing it.

Level V Origins

Level V Origins or VSA Modern (formerly known as Level 5 and Sublime Dance Team) began at the University of California, Irvine, as an idea through a few friends in the Vietnamese Student Association and was finally created in the fall of 2006 by Calvin Ho and Colette Huynh as a recreational dance team. Level V Origins is an exhibition dance team that exists to provide the opportunity for those who have never had previous dance experience to explore hip hop dance. Their goal is to develop and hone leadership skills through our shared passion for dance. Whether it is about one's growing interest in dance, one's journey to becoming a more charismatic and experienced dancer in the hopes of making it into one's dream team, or simply about creating unforgettable memories with your friends, it all starts with LVO.

Taste the rainbow

Taste the Rainbow (TTR) is an all LGBTQ+ exhibition team that includes dancers from all over southern California. Their team strives to provide a fun, safe, and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ dancers to share their passion and commitment to an art form that has evolved alongside the identity we know as “Queer” today. TTR is a team that celebrates the intersection of performance and resistance in a world that too often denies their existence. In refining their craft as artists and performers, they orchestrate entertaining sets that highlight the talents of our community.

The Square One Project

Co-founded in 2017 by Irvine community dancers Alex Nguyen and Lena Flair, the Square One Project was made to create an environment for growing dancers to strengthen their physical and mental capabilities, focused specifically on fundamentals and discipline.

Urban Motus

Established in 2010, Urban Motus is a group of people that are connected by their common passions so that they may inspire others through learning and teaching. Growth is a constant part of what they do so that their family will learn to pursue excellence and maintain their synergy. Confidence is gained through humility, dedication, and discipline in everything that they pursue. Their goal is to reaffirm the importance of freedom so that expression is that purest representation of themselves.