Second Drop of Confirmed Vendors and Art Walk Artists for OC May 18-20

OMG it's May! 15 more days until the first event! Added a bunch of confirmed vendors and artists, including a few new, intriguing ones. Newcomers are marked "NEW" under the "Lineup" section on the website.

We will continuously add confirmed vendors and artists, so keep an eye on those pages and our IG Stories for updates! Here's the second drop of those confirmed. First drop here. Click on each image to check out their IG.

A Piece of Cake

One look at new vendor A Piece of Cake's IG will have you salivating over the cute baked goods with designs such as mermaid tails, succulents and unicorns. Keep an eye out to see exactly which designs they will bring to the OC May event! 

AB Sorbets

Long time vendor AB Sorbets will be back with their sorbet ice cream in hollowed out fruit shells. Their coconut bomb sorbet shells will be an exclusive flavor for OC and 626 Night Market only!

Beach Live

Beach Live serves live seafood, Korean style. Their most popular item is the Uni Bowl with sashimi, uni and rice served in a sea urchin. Not for the faint of heart! They will also have oysters, poke and packaged uni trays available 📷 @hungryhugh

Boba Bear

Who here has spent many an evening drinking boba and smoking hookah at Boba Bear in K-town or Rowland Heights? They will be selling their signature drinks such as the Razzle Dazzle with raspberry, strawberry and orange green tea or the Yoda with kiwi, honeydew, and lychee green tea as well as their milk tea in a classic mason jar.

Catalyst Jewelry

Handcrafted in LA, join their movement of socially conscious fashion. They will have handcrafted jewelry, gemstones and related accessories. Thinking of proposing? Ask them to schedule a complimentary bridal line consultation!

Chilly Ribbons

Feast your eyes upon this Watermelon Bomb! The ultimate summer dessert, Chilly Ribbons cuts the watermelon fresh, shaves the snow, adds toppings such as condensed milk or boba and serves it the watermelon shell 📷 @jennybalesphoto

Drunken Cake Pops

Oscar Wilde said, "I can resist everything except temptation." These cake pops pairs the vices food and alcohol, resulting in a unique combination of flavors. Check their IG to see which flavors they will bring out!

Angry Little Girls

Angry Little Girls is a comic strip about girls who are angry, disenchanted, crazy, fresh and gloomy. "Anger is a Gift," is a line of art-related merchandise of t-shirts, bags, napkins, scarves, office supplies, and other offerings that allows girls and women of diverse backgrounds a way to speak up and speak out.

Eddy Lee Art

Eddy Lee paints women, all kinds of beautiful women, with acrylics on birch panel. His work has garnered a substantial following in the LA arts community.


Inspired by the engaging stories, relatable characters and visual intricacies unique to Japanese animation — LA artist, Kris Kehasukjaren's work is his playground for imagination, nostalgia and deep appreciation for this genre. Kris started off drawing animated characters as minions from the movie Minion Me, so it's been a wild ride watching his art evolve.

Natalia Miramontes

A newcomer to the Art Walk, Natalia brings her beautiful watercolors inspired by Japanese animation. Looking forward to seeing more of her work!


Artist Cindy Duong is a LA based illustrator and designer. She loves to create fun, brightly colored illustrations for everyone’s inner child. Much of her inspiration comes from Nintendo, Disney, Studio Ghibli, and pretty edible things.