New vendors for OC June 15-17

We had a great opening weekend for OC May and we're now going full steam ahead into summer for OC June! Here are some new vendors who were just added, so click through on the images for their social media to see what they got cookin' up! Go here for the vendor lineup.

Cauldron Ice Cream

You've probably seen this rose-shaped ice cream in a puffle cone dessert all over your IG feed. Now for the first time, Cauldron Ice Cream comes to OC Night Market! Catch their homemade, all natural ice cream made in small batches this summer!

Cinna & Spice

These handcrafted, gourmet cinnabites and mini cinnas are bite-sized cinnamon rolls that look like art! Flavors include Maple Chai, Ube Buttercream and Dulce de Leche. They may also come with ice cream in unusual flavors such as Avocado or Birthday!


If you don't know what vegans eat, then you're missing out! EAT.LOVE.YOGA. will have vegan cookies, brownies, chocolate, baked goods, brownie sundays, ice cream sandwiches, pizzokies for your sweet tooth!

Hawaiian Honey Cones

Hawaiian Honey Cones are made in Hawaii, gluten-free and 100% organic. The hollow J-shaped cone is filled with creamy Hokkaido style vanilla ice cream for a scrumptious dessert! They will have a trailer in the Food Truck section.

Holistic Bar

Fuel your body with the good stuff only. Drinks from Holistic Bar feature high quality, all natural ingredients such as their Activated Charcoal Coconut Water and Carbon Lemonade. Bonus: their Fresh Strawberry Milk is dairy free and vegan friendly!

Paraiso Juice Bar

They call themselves the home of the Flaming Hot Cheeto Taco! Their Mexican food with a twist will include a menu of Hot Cheeto Tacos, Cali Hot Cheeto Burritos, Hot Cheeto Elotes, Hot Cheeto Esquites (Mexican street corn salad) and Chicharines (wheat sealed snacks). Bring on the fire 🔥🔥

Petit Pot

Pot de crème is a traditional French gourmet dessert with velvety goodness of crème with the consistency of custard. This delightful dessert is naturally gluten free and made with the best organic, local ingredients. The reusable jars and sustainable packaging truly makes Petit Pot happiness in a jar!

QQ Ball

Those familiar with night markets in Asia may have seen these cute puffle eggs in the shape of popular cartoon characters before. The fillings range from custard, chocolate and red bean mochi. Which character is your favorite?

San Diego Scratch BBQ

For those who love an old fashioned barbecue, San Diego Scratch BBQ will have Brisket, Tri-tip, Top Sirloin, Beef Back Ribs and more! They use a California style barbecue sauce for a unique sauce that adds extra flavor to your meats.

Wa-ii Kamikaze

Fusion burgers on the house! The menu at Wa-ii Kamikaze features items like their signature Kamikaze Burger, Teriyaki Burger and Spam Burger. Don't miss out on these juicy burgers!