Photo by Daniel Kim

Photo by Daniel Kim


OC Night Market, produced by 626 Night Market, attracts a predominantly Asian, multi-generational audience with a focus on young adults. Unlike traditional Asian-themed events, OC Night Market sets the bar for contemporary Asian festivals. Night markets resonate with many people of Asian descent as they grew up frequenting night markets in Asia, visited night markets during trips to Asia, or heard about them through friends and family. OC Night Market is an event that Asians deeply identify with. OC Night Market is a platform that supports local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and the surrounding communities.

  • Average 40,000 attendees for each three-day OC Night Market event

  • 7 total events for the 2017 summer scheduled

  • Increase exposure of your brand to a targeted demographic

  • Support and foster an unique, local, cultural community event


For sponsorship opportunities with OC Night Market, please contact